You may have noticed that I haven’t posted my Germany posts yet. Sorry about that. I had more pressing things to do (more research, job applications) and not much time leftover for the blog. I actually do have the rough drafts written, but not the final and I haven’t edited or added pictures yet. They will be forthcoming, but not for an undetermined long period of time. I’m in the middle of reworking the matrix in a group collaboration and recoding my part of the tree. It’s imperative that I get this done ASAP because all of my analyses rely on having a phylogenetic hypothesis as the framework. I can’t run them until I’ve updated it and I can’t write up the results, discussions, and much of the methods in my dissertation until I’ve run them (multiple-times-over rough drafts for the introductions are largely taken care of, thankfully). I just started using a modified Pomodoro technique (no planning or goal-setting beyond just doing as much as possible in each pomodori). I really wish I’d known about this before ’cause holy crap it works well.
First deposit is in March, so I’m working under a very big time crunch. Wish me luck! This sleep deprivation ain’t gonna be pretty…