Sun Yat-Sen University


I came here for one fossil and got two! Okay, the second one is just a set of dorsal vertebrae and a couple osteoderms. But it was still worth a few characters, even if they aren’t particularly helpful. But still, brand new specimen. Yay!

The skull is an unnamed species which was just described this year. Unfortunately, only the dorsal surface is visible and a substantial portion of it is either covered in a thin layer of matrix or the surface of the bone was accidentally prepared away. It…needs some love from a good preparator. A lot of love, actually.

It’s the first known Eocene alligatoroid in China. The only other Asian alligator that old is Krabisuchus, which I saw in Thailand in January. I really hope they can find more specimens in the future and prepare them well. Krabisuchus was only published in 2010 and before that we didn’t know there were alligatoroids in Asia in the Eocene.


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