Heading to China


I’m at the airport about to leave for China. I’ll be there for two weeks. I’d originally hoped to visit three collections (in Beijing, Linqu, and Guangdong), but the Linqu collections seemed pretty hard to get to or around in. The only contact information I had was that my Beijing contact has a student who knows someone there who doesn’t speak English. My Mandarin was only ever rudimentary and I’ve lost a lot of it since I was last there. But fortunately that student is also redescribing one of the species I’m going to look at, so we’ll probably end up collaborating on that and he can handle the Linqu specimen.

There aren’t many specimens for me to look at in China. One in Guangdong, would have been one in Linqu, and something like four in Beijing (though two are probably not alligators). But these specimens are very important to my studies because they’re little studied and among the few samples of extinct Asian alligatorines.


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