First Impressions of Basel

  • Wait, French isn’t terribly common here even though we’re right across the border? Crap. I don’t know much German. Sometimes I hear it being spoken, but most written stuff is in German.
  • I like all the trams!
  • Ooo, my hostel’s schnazzy.
  • There’s an awful lot of construction going on in this city.
  • Apparently I look European, not American? At least that’s what a Swiss guy at my hostel told me.
  • Wow. The Rhine flows really fast on top of being a big river. Historians weren’t kidding when they said it had to of frozen over for the Vandals, Alans, and Suevi to cross it to go on their warpath through Gaul.
  • Why is food so expensive here?! I don’t want to pay the equivalent of $5.50 for a grilled cheese sandwich. 😦
  • They eat an awful lot of meat and bread here. Or, at least, that makes up almost all of the “cheap” food.
  • There’s a green rooftop outside my window and I got a lifer as soon as I looked out on it! Sweet!
  • A little farmer’s market outside the museum? Cool!
  • Heraldry is alive and well here. They seem to really like putting their very peculiar-looking charge everywhere.
  • Smokers everywhere! And no restrictions on where they can do it. My lungs are not happy.
  • Why are all the children crying within earshot of me?! Three fell down and started crying my first day here! Then a fourth who was just being a brat.
  • Nothing says cute like a naked kid gleefully choking a swan ’til it pukes.
"Animal abuse is so fun!" thought the sculptor. :/

“Animal abuse is so fun!” thought the sculptor. :/



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