First Impressions of Brussels

  • I got off the metro near my hostel and there was a giant gothic building in my face…with a big Coca-cola billboard on top. Odd…
  • The descriptive text on my map tells me Brussels won’t be winning any beauty pageants. I believe it. I saw one building reminiscent of the pretty apartments in Paris, but it was so dirty it was not pleasant to look at anymore.
  • There’s so much chocolate in these stores I don’t know which to buy.
  • My teacup has a stem. And the handle’s on the stem. That’s different…
  • This place definitely smells like a city.
  • My map also tells me that Brussels is very quirky, but I’m supposed to love even the bad ones.
  • I’ve figured it out—Brussels is New York’s European counterpart. No wonder I’m not enjoying it.
  • This museum is huge. And maze-like. Very easy to get lost in.
  • But the exhibits area is also big and open and aesthetically pleasing (the parts I’ve been in, at least)

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