Paris Collections


There weren’t many specimens to see here, but they were very informative. And a few of them were amazing. Take this one, for example–it’s a braincase of Diplocynodon ratelli and it is beautiful.

MHN 557 is best braincase

I wish all my fossils had sutures like this

The front of the animal is to the left. The big hole you see is its ear. Below and a little in front of that is a foramen (hole) that a bundle of major nerves goes through. In front of that is the hole where the pituitary gland sits. The knob to the right is where the spine articulates.

One fun thing about working on gators is how gosh darn cute some of ’em are. Take the aforementioned Arambourgia, for example.

21Each of those little blue and white rectangles is 1 cm (2.5 equal 1 inch). This little fella is probably just shy of fully grown. Which means it probably only grew to about 3, 3.5 feet, maybe 4.

I spent my time coding character states for 4 species. Character states are traits we use to tell who’s related to whom. A rough example would be “Horn- short (0) or long (1)”. I managed to have just the right amount of time to get through everything at a comfortable pace. This has been a very productive week. 🙂



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