Mes premières impressions de Paris

    • I came all the way to France to see a homeless American guy playing a dobro on the subway and singing only slightly better than Bob Dylan?
    • Paris….you need more escalators in your subway system. Hauling 50+ pounds of awkward luggage up and down a myriad stairs is not fun. Thank god for helpful Parisians.
    • Giant recycling bins!
Recycling should be this big a thing in every city.

Recycling should be this big a thing in every city.

  • Is there a major city anywhere in the world one can *not* see Rock Doves in?
  • Balcony gardens are a thing here. It’s nice.
  • What is with your bird naming conventions, Europe? It is not the Blackbird; it is a Common Blackbird. Likewise for Kestrels, Magpies, Swifts, etc… You do not have the only ones in the world! No claiming the whole name for yourself!
  • I am not prepared to translate spoken French in real time. Also my vowels keep switching places in transit from my brain to my mouth. And I keep almost speaking Mandarin.
  • You lied to me, internet. Parisians don’t all dress nicely to go outside. And why does the garbage man have a mullet?!
  • The architecture is nice here.
  • So many ambulances…and they sound like clown cars…
  • I forgot to bring my alarm clock and I can’t turn my phone on while I’m here…crap. I’ll have to go find one tomorrow. For now, I’m going to sleep and trust that I’ll wake up on time.
  • I like how Paris doesn’t seem cramped in spite of the fact that it’s a very old city with European-size streets.




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