Finding Transportation and Lodging


I utilized a lot of sources in trying to come up with the best prices, timing, and locations for transportation and lodging. I hope this list helps some of you.

Student Universe–plane and train tickets, lodging

Google Maps–Type “lodging loc:<insert address of workplace>” or use public transit directions. I also check walking directions from my places of lodging because I prefer to go on foot when possible.

Groups one is already a part of–For example, I’m in the SCA, a living history group that’s international in scale. Whatever group you’re a part of, you might be able to find locals willing to put you up and/or show you around.

Collections managers–They have a lot of experience with people coming to visit and can often tell you which places are the best to stay at (or if any should be avoided), an possibly what public transit to take to either get into town or get around town if you aren’t staying nearby.

The Man in Seat Sixty-One–This is a great little collection of information on trains around the world. Includes handy information about which routes are cheapest, most scenic, liable to be late, etc…

And of course there’s going directly to the airline, train, ferry, or lodging companies if you know who services the area you’re going to.


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